Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honeypot #15 - Jealous Jess Has 24-Hours to Pop it

Jealous Jess Has 24-Hours to Pop It (College Best Friend Erotica) (CLICK FOR STORY)
Jess has just heard the news - her geeky friend and the runt of their circle, Kate, has just found a boyfriend. Jess falls into a jealous fit, "If Kate has a guy and I don't, I'm the biggest loser in the world." She vows that day to find a guy to lay in order to regain her confidence.

A sexy thunderstorm highlights this jealous, backstabbing cunt of a woman in this crazy

hardcore anal erotica

. The first half is a funny and entertaining build-up where her sensual words propositioning guys will just seduce the reader. The second half tears into the maxim, be careful what you wish for - Jess is a virgin in college and not only will break her virginhood, she will be anally fucked so hard that it'll tear her apart. It's

extreme hardcore anal sex

in a dark room, only lit up by the occasional flashes of lightning. Jess is a girl getting it up the ass, bitter jealous cunt she is.

Sensual and romantic college erotica this ain't!

The Honeypot Series is an original erotica series consisting of sexy and naughty short stories with real characters and detailed environments. All stories have a power-struggle domination slant, ranging from cheating to virgin erotica, horror and interracial. It is a non-outsourced, non-plagiarized, one author series written by Sonia Robinson. Jealous Jess is Honeypot #15

Honeypot #14 - Raina at the Beach (Interracial MILF fantasy)

Raina at the Beach (MILF beach fantasy / Interracial BMWW ) (CLICK FOR STORY)

Have you ever fantasized about a woman's sexy smooth, silky skin, and her soft flowing hair down it, a woman - a mother who's fully sexually developed and fertile, plump and just waiting to get fucked? We call that a MILF. This is

MILF/cougar erotica

at its finest.

She's 35, hardened and sarcastic, but divorced and waiting for the next big thing in her life. Waiting to be softened. hanging out at the beach house when she meets a young black guy who has just what she needs. A huge black cock? Perhaps. Our MILF wasn't really a size queen, though his manhood is described in detail; it is way more than

big black dick with a tiny white woman erotica

it's about achieving womanhood, about an older woman with a younger man, who turns her into his little interracial sex slave. The beach and atmosphere is described in great detail which will put the reader right in place where the

MILF's huge tits

big enough to feed 12 children, is waiting for them

Honeypot #13 - Lift the Babysitter's Legs (Hardcore Babysitter Domination Erotica)

Lift The Babysitter's Legs (Cheating fantasy erotica) (CLICK FOR STORY) 

Caroline has been babysitting for Tom since she was 16. Over the years she's developed a deep lust for the lawyer, and on the night of this story, the fates are in her favor. She and Tom wait in the living room for his wife to come home. Caroline makes a move.

Three sex scenes detail a game of domination and submission, and a pose so extreme that her entire body will get sore. It's erotica for all those men out there who fantasize about their little sensual flirt of a babysitter getting punished, pounded and fooled with. Alpha male erotica at its finest, the bigshot lawyer and the girl have a cat and mouse game of wills. Is Tom just playing with her mind, or does he really feel something for her? Lift The Babysitter's Legs is a sexy and detailed story about that old maxim be careful what you wish for, in this case it's to

fuck the little babysitter

. It's a 5000-word story, number #13 in The Honeypot Series.

The Honeypot Series is an original erotica series consisting of

sexy and naughty short stories

with real characters and detailed environments. All stories have a power-struggle domination slant, ranging from cheating erotica, rape fantasy, virgin erotica, pseudo incest,

alpha male domination extreme sex

Honeypot # 12 - Wife and Slave (menage-a-trois erotica)

Wife and Slave (Multiple wives menage-a-trois erotica) (CLICK FOR STORY)
A story about a couple teases who turn their man's life into a living hell. It starts out as a menage-a-trois, polyamorous erotica arrangement - fuck his slave while being her master, while the wife takes care of the kids. Little does he know she has some schemes up her sleaves. It's the best in domination and submission,

femdom and S & M erotica

, wife and slave is the most twisted story yet, the repression bursting out of its seams, will make you go crazy with desire. It's a quasi menage-a-trois turned rape fantasy. There's two primarily sex scenes, one in which hubby is fucking his little goth slave, while his wife is watching and joining in, but keeping enough distance that she's a tease. The other is our horny protagonist fucking his european art student, in all her chic clothes. Art school erotica / art-house erotica at its finest.

selfish, backstabbing women

run amuck

Wife and Slave contains extreme hardcore language of domination and sexual intercourse as well as scenes of

fisting lesbian erotica

. There are explicit descriptions of fucking for a pregnancy and insimination. It's for those who want to go crazy at the manipulative, backstabbing teasing that's going on.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Honeypot #11 - The Mother Tree Rape

The Mother Tree Rape (Erotic Horror Slave Fantasy) (CLICK FOR STORY)
GRUESOME AND SEXY MASTER SLAVE EROTICA. Not of the skin color kind - well, I should say interspecies. It's a hardcore tree gangbang. The most bizarre and intense woman-brainwashing erotica you'll read. There's a dab of erotic halloween-style horror, crossed with vicious victorian erotica. Truly a hodgepodge of genres - including a 'gang rape' scene,

mother daughter incest


mother daughter forced rape

. There is a lesbian erotica undertone but I wouldn't call it gay. You have to read it to believe it. My first overt story in the genre of

hardcore interspecies erotica

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Domination Erotica Bundle #2 (The Honeypot Series 6-10)

Domination Erotica Bundle (The Honeypot Series #6-10) - SHORT STORY SEX ANTHOLOGY - CLICK FOR STORIES

(click above link for book)

Announcing the second bundle of the erotica short stories, The Honeypot Series, 6-10. Click anywhere to take you to the cheap erotica bundle. All stories contain elements of extreme domination.

#6 - The Bitch With The Snake Tattoo -- Hardcore women's prison erotica, brainwashing, domination sex slave, femdom, lesbian play, woman's prison, dragon tattoo erotica.

#7 - Karen Steals Her Sister's Guy -- Nerd fucking, dominating nerd erotica,

#8 - Two Girls And Their Boy-Toy - College threesome erotica, femdom, extreme anal fisting erotica

#9 - Lora Gets Passed Around - Swinging erotica, shared girl, sex with nymph, nymph erotica

#10 - Lena Home With The Flu - Domination intense anal sex virgin popping erotica

extreme anal sex erotica

sensual erotica anthology

christmas erotica

Honeypot #9 - Lora Gets Passed Around (Daddy Roleplay / Forced Sex / Cheating


 An explicit hardcore erotica, Lora Gets Passed Around is an extreme short story about Mike's girlfriend Lora who gets seduced by his father and brother during the same night. She roleplays with his father into a daddy daughter incest porn story, while Craig, Mike's brother, pins her against a wall and takes her. In the story, there is a forced rape on Lora, taking it into an element of rape and incest erotica

The Honeypot Series is a high quality original series consisting of sexy and extreme erotica short stories with explicit hardcore language, taboos range from incest erotica to rape erotica, or pseudo incest/rape fantasy. Lena's story includes hard language of forced sex, brother rape,

daddy daughter role playing


daddy daughter rape

and cheating while her boyfriend is sleeping, there is also

ovulation sex / pregnancy erotica