Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honeypot # 12 - Wife and Slave (menage-a-trois erotica)

Wife and Slave (Multiple wives menage-a-trois erotica) (CLICK FOR STORY)
A story about a couple teases who turn their man's life into a living hell. It starts out as a menage-a-trois, polyamorous erotica arrangement - fuck his slave while being her master, while the wife takes care of the kids. Little does he know she has some schemes up her sleaves. It's the best in domination and submission,

femdom and S & M erotica

, wife and slave is the most twisted story yet, the repression bursting out of its seams, will make you go crazy with desire. It's a quasi menage-a-trois turned rape fantasy. There's two primarily sex scenes, one in which hubby is fucking his little goth slave, while his wife is watching and joining in, but keeping enough distance that she's a tease. The other is our horny protagonist fucking his european art student, in all her chic clothes. Art school erotica / art-house erotica at its finest.

selfish, backstabbing women

run amuck

Wife and Slave contains extreme hardcore language of domination and sexual intercourse as well as scenes of

fisting lesbian erotica

. There are explicit descriptions of fucking for a pregnancy and insimination. It's for those who want to go crazy at the manipulative, backstabbing teasing that's going on.