Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Erotic Short Stories Collection (The Honeypot Series - Bundle 1) (VOL1-5)

Domination Erotica Bundle (The Honeypot Series #1-5) (CLICK FOR BUNDLE)

The first five stories are now available in a bundle. Since I write scattered genres, it isn't all just pseudo-incest erotica, but looking at a running theme in it, I suppose they are all about sexual power struggles. Which stories were your favorite?

Buy the set for only $4.99 - the stories selling together would cost $7.50 so you can save a few bucks and give me higher royalties. The first five erotica stories of the HONEYPOT series, five short stories crossing 27,000 words.

#1- Fisting Sisters (Pseudo-Incest) - sisters
#2- Julie and the Best Man (Steamy Wedding Day Affair)
#3- Lust of the Angels (Angel Erotica Horror) - Angel/Demon erotica, erotica horror
#4- Candace's Clit (Interracial Erotica) - BWWW, BWWM, BMWW erotica
#5- Christmas Cookie (Father Daughter Pseudo-Incest) - Christmas Erotica

The Honeypot Series is a high quality original series consisting of sexy and intense short stories with real characters, environments and intensely erotic situations. It is for only the most adventurous audiences who are longing for something fresh, original and titillating, a cut above the rest. Start here and enjoy. Individual plot synopsis are below-

Content Warning: The Bundle 1-5 features mature content with explicit hardcore language. All characters are 18+. This title is intended for adults audiences only.



A day of intense pseudo-incest you won't soon forget. Trish and her sister Katy's have an intense sibling rivalry which explodes over one night of fisting and revenge. The twists and turns keep piling on as multiple fantasies and betrayals are played out, with the help of Katy's boyfriend Greg. 6000 words.


Julie has planned her wedding down to every tiny detail. The one detail she couldn't have expected - an ex-boyfriend is working at the chapel, and he has a proposition for her. She has less than an hour before being wed, and confides in her friend Claire that she might just take him up on it. 3000 words.


Angels with their beautiful wings and divine feminine form come together with demons and their monstrous bodies. It happens once a year, they meet in a half way place and engage in day long festival of sex. 5000 words.

angel and demon erotica


Candace has a surprise visitor at her door. It's her husband's assistant, the woman that had an affair with him on her wedding day. 6000 words.

interracial erotica

Kerry is visiting her father for Christmas after her first semester of college. She's been nervous about it all week because she's going to be alone with him. They bond on the sofa by the fire, it's awkward at first, they slowly get more and more comfortable. By the end of the night, her deepest fantasies will have been fulfilled. 7000 words. Christmas Cookie was my attempt at creating a warm, intimate and sexy environment, my first

christmas erotica