Thursday, April 19, 2012

Honeypot #10 - Lena Was Home With the Flu (Cheating Virgin Erotica)

Lena Was Home With The Flu (Hardcore Anal Erotica) (CLICK FOR STORY)

Lena has been bedbound with the flu for nearly a week. She's so bored she could die. Jake, a big-dicked friend from her past pays her a visit. Though she was saving herself for marriage, she was desperate to feel something different. What follows is a teasing dynamic with Jake, giving him mixed signals until she pushes him to the snapping point. Will she be willing to break her values? It's a cross between

Domination and Submission erotica

, and

INTENSE anal sex erotica

Lena was home with the flu, is a 5000-word erotica short story with extreme hardcore sex, cheating, virgin and anal language. It is Honeypot #10.

Cheating Virgin erotica

The Honeypot Series is a high quality original series consisting of sexy and extreme erotica short stories with explicit hardcore language, taboos range from incest erotica to rape erotica, or pseudo incest/rape fantasy. Lena's story includes hard language of anal sex and virginity popping.

Content Warning: Lena was home with the flu contains explicit and extreme hardcore language. All characters in this short story are 18+. This title is intended for adults audiences only.