Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honeypot #13 - Lift the Babysitter's Legs (Hardcore Babysitter Domination Erotica)

Lift The Babysitter's Legs (Cheating fantasy erotica) (CLICK FOR STORY) 

Caroline has been babysitting for Tom since she was 16. Over the years she's developed a deep lust for the lawyer, and on the night of this story, the fates are in her favor. She and Tom wait in the living room for his wife to come home. Caroline makes a move.

Three sex scenes detail a game of domination and submission, and a pose so extreme that her entire body will get sore. It's erotica for all those men out there who fantasize about their little sensual flirt of a babysitter getting punished, pounded and fooled with. Alpha male erotica at its finest, the bigshot lawyer and the girl have a cat and mouse game of wills. Is Tom just playing with her mind, or does he really feel something for her? Lift The Babysitter's Legs is a sexy and detailed story about that old maxim be careful what you wish for, in this case it's to

fuck the little babysitter

. It's a 5000-word story, number #13 in The Honeypot Series.

The Honeypot Series is an original erotica series consisting of

sexy and naughty short stories

with real characters and detailed environments. All stories have a power-struggle domination slant, ranging from cheating erotica, rape fantasy, virgin erotica, pseudo incest,

alpha male domination extreme sex