Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honeypot #14 - Raina at the Beach (Interracial MILF fantasy)

Raina at the Beach (MILF beach fantasy / Interracial BMWW ) (CLICK FOR STORY)

Have you ever fantasized about a woman's sexy smooth, silky skin, and her soft flowing hair down it, a woman - a mother who's fully sexually developed and fertile, plump and just waiting to get fucked? We call that a MILF. This is

MILF/cougar erotica

at its finest.

She's 35, hardened and sarcastic, but divorced and waiting for the next big thing in her life. Waiting to be softened. hanging out at the beach house when she meets a young black guy who has just what she needs. A huge black cock? Perhaps. Our MILF wasn't really a size queen, though his manhood is described in detail; it is way more than

big black dick with a tiny white woman erotica

it's about achieving womanhood, about an older woman with a younger man, who turns her into his little interracial sex slave. The beach and atmosphere is described in great detail which will put the reader right in place where the

MILF's huge tits

big enough to feed 12 children, is waiting for them