Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honeypot #15 - Jealous Jess Has 24-Hours to Pop it

Jealous Jess Has 24-Hours to Pop It (College Best Friend Erotica) (CLICK FOR STORY)
Jess has just heard the news - her geeky friend and the runt of their circle, Kate, has just found a boyfriend. Jess falls into a jealous fit, "If Kate has a guy and I don't, I'm the biggest loser in the world." She vows that day to find a guy to lay in order to regain her confidence.

A sexy thunderstorm highlights this jealous, backstabbing cunt of a woman in this crazy

hardcore anal erotica

. The first half is a funny and entertaining build-up where her sensual words propositioning guys will just seduce the reader. The second half tears into the maxim, be careful what you wish for - Jess is a virgin in college and not only will break her virginhood, she will be anally fucked so hard that it'll tear her apart. It's

extreme hardcore anal sex

in a dark room, only lit up by the occasional flashes of lightning. Jess is a girl getting it up the ass, bitter jealous cunt she is.

Sensual and romantic college erotica this ain't!

The Honeypot Series is an original erotica series consisting of sexy and naughty short stories with real characters and detailed environments. All stories have a power-struggle domination slant, ranging from cheating to virgin erotica, horror and interracial. It is a non-outsourced, non-plagiarized, one author series written by Sonia Robinson. Jealous Jess is Honeypot #15