Friday, April 13, 2012

Honeypot #3 - Lust of the Angels (erotic angel and demon sex story)

Lust of the Angels (Horror Erotica / Rape Fantasy) (CLICK FOR STORY)

Once a year, all the angels and demons meet in a middle place where they engage in fuck day. The gorgeous angels fuck the disgusting demons all day long. For the angels, this is a gift from god. For the demons - well, angel pussy is the tightest in the universe. I am proud to present Honeypot #3, the splendid, twisted and erotic tale that is sure to make you cum.

Have you fantasies about religious-themed sex, in which gruesome

demons fuck angels

and the angels LOVE it? That they can't get enough of it? That one day a year of fucking, isn't enough for them?

Sex with monsters

is a hentai-themed tradition, one in which I've fused with erotica fiction and real psychological scenarios. Please enjoy the first story of its kind, and if you like it, there will be sequels under the

Honeypot erotica series