Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Honeypot #6 - The Bitch With The Snake Tattoo

The Bitch With The Snake Tattoo (Prison Erotica) (The Honeypot Series)

I'm proud to announce my coolest story yet - an erotica hardcore prison drama novelette, Honeypot Series #6. It is a little bit more story based than the others, which qualify frankly as primarily sexy. To me Snake Tattoo is just a good story, with elements of hardcore erotica. It's also hilarious in my own screwy way. I want in general there to be more

insanely sexy erotica

, but mine is really dry and subtle so the reader might not necessarily grasp the absurdities. Maybe I'll move more in that literary erotica direction - Snake Tattoo was by far the most work though, so probably not. Just a little treat.
there are elements of hardcore fem dom, S & M female domination in this as she literally becomes a sex slave to her 'master'. It is a psychologically heavy story.For those turned on by the thin 'goth' look, this is pretty much GOTH erotica heaven.
Now the title is basically implying

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo erotica

not that

Dragon Tattoo erotica

might not be hot, I mean the millenium series AS IS is pretty much erotica, they didn't really hide that notion at all. I don't consider mine a Dragon Tattoo parody at all, I submitted the title as playfully as possible.

I'm an artist so I can't help giving something its own shape. The villain in the story, Belly, makes me laugh just thinking about it. There is also a gore element as well, and I may be stepping into gore erotica for some kind of halloween erotica series. PS
- apologies for all this screwy copy/formatting, though it accurately reflects my constant state of having had one too much to drink. just read the damned stories and don't worry about it :)