Thursday, April 19, 2012

Honeypot #7 - Karen Steals Her Sister's Guy (Cheating Erotica)

Karen Steals Her Sister's Guy (Cheating Erotica) (CLICK FOR STORY)

  (CLICK ANYWHERE FOR THE STORY) Zack is on the most boring trip of his life, staying with his girlfriend at her parent's house. They live in the middle of nowhere. Through extreme boredom and cock-blocking by Jill, he vows to seduce her little sister, Karen, an awkward geek. Phase one is to to build her up, phase two is to break her down. With guests pouring into the party downstairs and his girlfriend in the shower, Zack and Karen have the room to themselves.

Karen Steals Her Sister's Guy, is a 5000-word erotica short story with extreme hardcore sex and mischievous cheating. It's a story about a sexy geek with thick glasses which leads to the most sexy deepthroat dominant

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by a

submissive woman.

that can be written about. She's just a tiny inexperienced girl experiencing her first cock, he fucks her straight. Cheating while his girlfriend is just one room away.

It contains elements of hardcore erotica, cheating erotica, anal erotica, hardcore blow job, and fast sex, it contains elements of dominance and manipulation, S & M erotica;

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Don't say I didn't warn you, this one is HOT. My finest work.