Sunday, April 22, 2012

Honeypot #9 - Lora Gets Passed Around (Daddy Roleplay / Forced Sex / Cheating


 An explicit hardcore erotica, Lora Gets Passed Around is an extreme short story about Mike's girlfriend Lora who gets seduced by his father and brother during the same night. She roleplays with his father into a daddy daughter incest porn story, while Craig, Mike's brother, pins her against a wall and takes her. In the story, there is a forced rape on Lora, taking it into an element of rape and incest erotica

The Honeypot Series is a high quality original series consisting of sexy and extreme erotica short stories with explicit hardcore language, taboos range from incest erotica to rape erotica, or pseudo incest/rape fantasy. Lena's story includes hard language of forced sex, brother rape,

daddy daughter role playing


daddy daughter rape

and cheating while her boyfriend is sleeping, there is also

ovulation sex / pregnancy erotica