Friday, April 13, 2012

Honeypot #2 - Julie and the Best Man (erotic steamy wedding day affair)

Julie and the Best Man (A steamy wedding day affair) (CLICK FOR STORY)

 Julie has planned her wedding down to every tiny detail. The one detail she couldn't have expected - an ex-boyfriend is working at the chapel, and he has a proposition for her. She has less than an hour before being wed, and confides in her friend Claire that she might just take him up on it. The short story will take you on a journey that will fuel your fantasies for days to come. 
 The book contains an extended and erotic hardcore sex scene in which Julie's passion for her ex is re-kindled while her friend Claire lends a hand. It is oh so scandalous as all her family members are only one room away, waiting for her to walk down the aisle.

Blowjobs are given and loyalties are tested, she would do anything for him, even allow him to cum in her raw. It is a secret and passionate cheating sequence while her boyfriend is right around the corner. She comes this close to getting caught.

How she looks underneath the dress is described in depth. She's a gorgeous and trim bride with a succulent body,

begging to be fucked

. She's desperate to find a best man to give birth to her child. She always heard giving birth would lead to the biggest orgasm, what more motivation does one need?

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