Thursday, April 19, 2012

Honeypot #8 - The Freaks Who Fucked (College Threesome Erotica)

Two Girls and Their Boy-Toy (College Threesome Erotica) (Alt title) (CLICK FOR STORY)


nasty erotica


freak fucking

, sadistic S & M pleaure, bullying,

anal erotica

Valerie is the sexiest, smarmiest bitch around. She and her friend Charlotte are driving to Don's house to finish a class project and they couldn't be any more pissed.

When Valerie's date cancels and the rest of her night is free, she decides to fuck the little freak. Charlotte watches, orchestrating it as the sex puppet master.

For the girls, sex with the object of their mockery turns into a competition of feminine oneupmanship, domination and manipulation.

The Freaks who Fucked is a naughty and entertaining, 4,500-word erotica short story.

Content Warning: The Freaks Who Fucked features mature content with explicit and extreme hardcore sex. All characters in this short story are 18+. This title is intended for adults audiences only.

It contains a scene of hardcore sex, a naughty college threesome.